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Reference: 58934

Date Added: 9 January 2017
Closing Date: 8 March 2017

Job Title: Writers

Working For: Darrow

Location: Internet

Salary: Voluntary

Job Details

DARROW is proud to be the dedicated home of new writing talent.

We believe that every writer has a unique perspective to share.

We are unique in considering that both new and experienced writers can offer a spectrum of intelligent analysis on the arts, politics and more. We are proud to publish new and seasoned authors together, side by side, to give our readership a genuine variety of analysis and opinion.

Quality of thought and originality are the only expectations we place on our team. We empower our columnists with editorial support while guaranteeing their autonomy to publish the articles they want to write. The results are a diverse range of topics for our readership to enjoy.

We are looking for enthusiastic writers to contribute to our expanding site who:

  • Have ideas and vision to write articles that increase our readership.
  • Can draft comment or opinion pieces of 400-600 words.
  • Can draft longer analysis pieces between 800-1200 words.
  • Can draft single issue blog pieces or articles between 100-400 words.
  • Can write about the latest developments both in Scotland, across the UK and the world.
  • Can provide insight into new or difficult issues.
  • Possess flair and imagination to write on different issues or topics.
  • Have an ability to engage politically but objectively.


  • Publish through a recognised magazine with a reputation for innovative thinking while retaining control and ownership over your material.
  • Join a community committed to pooling success.
  • Customizable public profile so you can control what information people see.
  • Dedicated analytics to track the performance of individual articles and DARROW as a whole.
  • Messaging system: connect with other members of the team and let prospective employers, business partners and new professional contacts read your work and contact you through DARROW.
  • Our dedicated sub-editing service.
  • A fully equipped magazine: our tools, style and technology mean that your publications can contain the statistics, audio and video that you want. There is no limit to how you present your article.
  • An evolving site - we always strive to better our magazine and to build our reputation and will update you about our activities.

W4MP Note:
The role being advertised is a voluntary one. As such, there are no set hours and responsibilities and you should be free to come and go as you wish. If the post demands set hours and/or has a specific job description you may be deemed to be a ‘worker’ and be covered by National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage legislation. See http://www.w4mp.org/jobs-listings-events/jobs/
for more information about National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage.

Closing Date: 8 March 2017

Interview/Start Dates

Begins with writer's first article.

Application Details

Please complete our short application form here: http://darrow.org.uk/about/join-the-team/.

Website: http://darrow.org.uk

Additional Notes