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Keep a copy of your ad when you submit it.

Our systems are very reliable but sometimes an ad may not be correctly received.  We recommend you keep a copy of the details you have entered in a separate document so you can easily find them in case this happens. We do not send confirmation e-mails when ads are published; you need to check yourself that your ad has gone live.

Multiple ads from same organisation

If you have several similar posts to advertise please do NOT submit these as separate ads. Put them all together in one ad with concise information about each listed in the Job Details section. Then include a link (or links) to fuller information about each post on your own website. The exception to this is when some are paid and others not; submit those separately. W4MP has limited resources and we do not have time to deal with multiple ads. Multiple ads just clutter up our jobs pages.  Please help us keep it simple!
Please don't try to circumvent this request by submitting ads on consecutive days - we are wise to this!


Our Privacy Policy

When you submit an advert to w4mpjobs we will store: 

Name, email address, phone number  and employer of those placing adverts (not visible to the public) 

Details of the employer including website and contact details as part of the advert. 

We hold all of this data as part of the contract for service whereby w4mp/w4mpjobs advertise the relevant details on your behalf. This information is retained indefinitely – old job ads are available to be searched in case of queries about jobs, and contact details are held in our system but are not accessible to the public.


The w4mp privacy policy can be read here.

To save us time and expense please keep ads as brief as possible.

This is a three-stage process:

  1. Enter information in the appropriate fields. Please do not repeat information.
  2. Preview the ad (and make corrections if necessary)
  3. Submit the ad

All ads are checked before they appear on the site. This normally takes less than 24 hours during the working week.

Please note that by submitting this form you consent to our copying an appropriate logo/graphic from your website. If you want us to use another logo email it to us – see below.

About the Job

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W4MP will automatically add a statement to ALL posts that do not offer to pay the NMW/NLW. Please read it here BEFORE submitting.

More information about National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage can be found here.

All posts with MPs and Peers will have the MSVO statement added automatically.

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