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Welcome to w4mpjobs, funded by the House of Commons to provide career development opportunities for those working for MPs and those who are looking for a job with an MP or in other areas of political activity.

2017  General Election

A General Election has been called for Thursday 8 June and Parliament will be dissolved on Wednesday 3 May.  Guidance is available on the intranet and on the Internet about what happens during dissolution for MPs who were standing againMPs who were not standing and MPs’ staff.

There have been some changes since the publication of the guidance for the 2015 General Election, and so it is essential that all Members and their staff read and familiarise themselves with the new guidance.  There is a lot to do, and a lot to take in, so it is important to do this straight away – do not leave it until the last minute.

w4mp and w4mpjobs will continue to operate throughout the election period.

Looking for a job?

You can search ads on the current system in the following ways:


Advertising a job

Adverts on w4mp are free. Please ensure that your posts are compliant with our rules on ads we don’t accept and with our guide to submitting ads. We reserve the right to remove any posts without further notice to you which, in our reasonable judgement, do not comply with the rules and guide.

If you need to make a change to an ad you have already submitted email us at jobs@w4mp.org. For changes to live ads please include the ad reference number.

Please don’t resubmit your ad before its expiry date as this ’leap-frogs’ other ads. This is unfair to other advertisers and we don’t allow it. You may, of course, resubmit an expired ad with a later starting date if you have failed to recruit.

Unpaid opportunities on w4mpjobs
We recognise that there is great value in people having access to proper work experience, where it is offered and arranged properly and is a mutually beneficial arrangement, but that this should never be used as a way of circumventing national minimum wage/living wage regulations.

A proportion of posts advertised on w4mpjobs are opportunities to volunteer, either with political parties or with charities. These are understandably unpaid but we reserve the right not to publish ads which we judge to take advantage of this.

Adverts for roles which are unpaid but which specify set hours and/or a set duration and which list tasks or give a job description more characteristic of a paid post are not voluntary roles, they are unpaid jobs. A truly voluntary role should be flexible.

We also expect adverts to adhere to the spirit and not just the letter of the rules governing voluntary roles and national minimum wage/national living wage. Implying that you are flexible about how many hours/days you expect when you really have a fixed view and will not interview those offering less means that you are offering an unpaid job, not an internship or voluntary work.